Portable cell phone jammer

We’ve all been to the movies and some moron decides it’s a-okay to have a super loud conversation his cell phone. Well, now you have the option to jam his signal (as well as anyone else in a 3-metre radius) with the CX 200 Portable Director II Cell Phone Jammer. The tiny device is clearly designed with covertness in mind, so you can keep the little gadget in your pocket and block signals to your heart’s content.

It even comes with two jamming options. First, you can “secretly switch on” and send out a blanket jam that’ll block everything for a full 70 seconds. Alternatively, you can get rid of that annoying call you are on, without sounding like a jerk, by fading out “with natural atmosphere”.

It seems like it’s perfectly acceptable in the land of the rising sun, but here in North America, it’s not exactly legal to have one of these devices. Bear that in mind before you start ordering one, but expect a price point of around $70 USD.

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  1. ireland9 says:

    Not a fan of cell phone these days. That is why I bought a mini hand held cell phone jammer.

     google:-  the yapper zapper

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