Government provides $119 million for hydrogen research


image_41858_largeimagefile Government provides $119 million for hydrogen researchThe U.S. government has given research into hydrogen vehicles a big boost. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman announced that the Department of Energy has earmarked $119 million for hydrogen fuel cell research. The announcement was made at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show. Bodman also used that venue to unveil the Department of Energy’s ‘Roadmap on Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy’. That white paper lays out the strategy needed for R&D to advance the manufacturing of fuel cell technologies. This all comes about as part of the governments attempts to reduce our hunger for foreign oil.

This announcement comes as a part of the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, which President Bush announced in 2003. That $1.2 billion program has the goal of making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a viable and affordable choice for Americans by 2020. More specifically, the $119 million announced this week will be focused on lowering the cost and improving the performance of central hydrogen fuel cell technologies by 2010.

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