Kenwood HDV-70 GPS and media player

If price is an indicator then the Kenwood HDV-770 GPS and media player is the nicest unit you can find. It pretty much does everything but drive the car for you. To start, a 7 inch touchscreen lets you navigate and view content. That content can be stored on the hard drive along with the GPS data, or it can come from the CD and DVD player. That player also supports content in the form of mp3, WMA and MPEG.

If that’s not enough for you, it has a TV tuner for extra programming and it has iPod connectivity for more music and video choices. 3D navigation is in the screenshot, but, unless Kenwood is way ahead of the curve, it will be a while before that hits the U.S. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was expensive, either. It’s due for release next month at a retail cost of about $1,875. No word yet where it will be available.

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