British mobile provider 3 will pay you to receive calls


Since almost everyone has a mobile phone now, providers have to steal customers from other companies to continue growing. That means increasingly generous offers. The latest to offer a new approach is 3, a British pay-as-you-go provider. With their WePay service you actually get paid to receive calls. When someone calls you, you get 5p for every minute of the call or 2p for every text message you receive. A five minute incoming call will give you enough money to make two text messages.

This is obviously a boon for the popular and pretty people. The more people who like you enough to call, the more cash you rack up. To get the credit you have built up, you just have to top up your account. You then have 30 days to spend your free money. You can keep building up more free cash at the same time. The free cash can be used to make calls or send texts, or you can use it to download music or take advantage of 3’s 3G network to watch mobile TV.

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