Sirific releases single-chip CMOS HSDPA/WEDGE RF transceiver


image_42005_largeimagefile Sirific releases single-chip CMOS HSDPA/WEDGE RF transceiverManufacturers are in a crazy race to cram more and more onto a single ship these days. Sirific Wireless Limited, which innovates in the field of single-chip CMOS RF transceivers, has thrown their latest effort into the ring. They have created the first single-chip CMOS HSDPA/WEDGE RF transceiver for the mobile industry, which they call the SW3200. The transceiver supports both transmit and receive in five WCDMA bands as well as all four EDGE, GPRS and GSM bands. It enables downlink data rates of 10.2 Mbps.

The SW3200 is targeted at 3.5G handset OEMs who need a solution that supports a range of bands while being small and affordable. This is particularly important as handsets get smaller and thinner and the field gets more competitive. The SW3200 is only 7 cm2, which is 150% smaller than solutions offered by competitors to Sirific. When combined with a multi-band radio front end, manufacturers have a complete radio solution.

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