NASCAR to go unleaded in 2008


NASCAR doesn’t have to clean up their emissions, but they are going to anyway. The racing series now uses high-octane leaded fuel to power their speed machines. They can get away with leaded fuel while we can’t because of an exemption from the 1970 Clean Air Act. That’s all about to change. They have been testing a new unleaded fuel. Sunoco 260 GTX, the new fuel, will be used in the Nextel Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck series’ starting in 2008. Testing has found that the new fuel performs well, providing adequate performance inside the engine.

The move, which was first reported in The New York Times, comes amid increasing pressure from environmental groups. Clean Air Watch appealed to the Environmental Protection Agency last week to test for lead in the air at NASCAR events. Despite NASCAR’s legislative exemption, this move will help the series move into the modern times in the eyes of vocal critics.

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