Hotspots pass 100K mark worldwide

A global hotspot tracker has recorded 100,000 of the Wi-Fi beacons worldwide. JiWire, a leading provider of hotspot information and services made the announcement Tuesday morning.

“Crossing the 100K milestone is very exciting, and the technology is really just getting started,” said Wi-Fi Alliance Managing Director, Frank Hanzlik. “With Wi-Fi going into a wider array of devices like portable gaming consoles, digital cameras and mobile phones, we expect public hotspots to continue to grow at a rapid rate.”

The report found that the number of global hotspots grew 87 percent in 2005, from 53,779 in 93 countries to 100,355 in 115 countries. The country with the most hotspots is the U.S., followed by the U.K. and South Korea.

The report also included a Top 10 list of hotspot-friendly cities. Topping that list was Seoul, with 2,056. Next on that list was Tokyo, with 1,802. London, with 1,627, was third.

Another Top 10 list found that hotels and resorts were far and away the most popular locations for hotspots, with restaurants and shopping malls coming in third.

Here are the full Top 10 lists from the report:

United States37,073Seoul2,056Hotel/Resort 26,330
United Kingdom 12,668Tokyo 1,802Restaurant 19,653
South Korea 9,415London 1,627Store/Mall 13,827
Germany 8,614Paris 895Cafe 13,815
Japan 5,951San Francisco 801Pub 6,285
France 3,886Daegu 787Other 4,704
Italy 1,767New York 643Office Building 1,803
Netherlands 1,703Singapore 619Gas Station 1,594
Canada 1,397Busan 617Airport 1,294
Switzerland 1,295Hong Kong 605Library 1,171

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