Samsung B500 – phone with 7.7 megapixel camera


image_42067_largeimagefile Samsung B500 - phone with 7.7 megapixel cameraIf you are tired of unimpressive cameras on phones, then the new Samsung B500 will turn your head. It comes with an impressive 7.7 megapixel camera. 3x optical zoom, too. With pictures that crisp, you don’t want to have to see them on a tiny little screen. To pack in the most screen size, Samsung has hidden the keypad behind the phone as a slide out. Once you have a nice big screen like this one, then, you might as well use it for as much as you can. That’s why they added DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) capacity, so you can watch TV and movies, too.

The phone measures in at 0.7 inches. Besides the camera and DMB it has video out and a T-Flash slot. No word yet on cost or availability, but there is no reason to suspect that it will come to North America any time soon.

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