Sprint Nextel increases investment in UMTS


Sprint Nextel is making no secret of the fact that they want to dominate the next generation of wireless. They have announced an additional $10 million investment in IPWireless, a company that is developing equipment for the new UMTS TD-CDMA standard. Sprint invested $4 million last summer. UMTS will be competing against WiMax. Sprint Nextel is clearly hedging their bets, because they have already invested in the development of WiMax and have run trials with the technology. It seems as if they don’t know who will win, but they want to be on the winning side when the game is decided.

Sprint Nextel is currently running trials of the IPWireless UMTS TD-CDMA technology in Washington, D.C. using their 2.5 GHz spectrum. IPWireless will be offering a mobile TV service called TDtv along with the expected wireless high speed bells and whistles. IPWireless will be rolling the service out in Europe and Japan. Sprint will trial the service in the States.

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