Trolltech Redefines Qtopi for Linux Development of Single-Application Products

image_42334_largeimagefile Trolltech Redefines Qtopi for Linux Development of Single-Application ProductsTrolltech is replacing its Linux embedded product development QT/Embedded with Qtopia Core. The focus of the new product is to make building software faster and to ease the development process.

The product is meant for those who assemble high value applications. This can include point-of-sale systems, automotive accessories, office equipment and the like. Without making a lot of noise, Linux has often become the structure of choice in single-application devices and more advanced products like cell-phones and media players.

Qtopia is the first part of series of products all aimed at embedded Linux development.

The new Qtopia Core improves on its predecessor by including better support for heavy-duty graphics, right to left text for more robust internationalization and tools for working in a production environment. According to the company, the purpose of the upgrade is to allow developers to concentrate on features rather than the basic foundations of the application. In addition, Trolltech encourages its users to take advantage of the global QT development community.

Qtopia is a Linux product, that adheres to open-source standards; it works on a series of software platforms and its end-use applications will be compatible with an infinite number of electronic devices.

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