The North Face introduces Met 5 Jacket with Polartec Heat technology

image_42367_largeimagefile The North Face introduces Met 5 Jacket with Polartec Heat technologyThe North Face, renowned makers of outdoor apparel and gear, introduces the Met 5 Jacket, which features Polartec Heat technology to provide additional warmth on top of normal insulation.

If you love the great outdoors but have trouble with the ever-changing climate, then the North Face Met 5 Jacket hopes to help you adjust to the temperature better. Its Polartec Power Shield fabric, combined with Polartec Heat technology enables the jacket to provide ‘warmth on demand’ through three user adjustable heating settings that are supported by rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Since the North Face Met 5 Jacket only provides added warmth when the wearer wants it to, the apparel helps eliminate the need to add or remove layers of clothing while one is outdoors.

North Face also ensured that the jacket’s design is tailor-made for rigorous outdoor wear. Its new design puts the recessed interface in a place that will not interfere with a pack belt or climbing harness. It also features dual zippered hand pockets and Napoleon zippered pockets to ensure that nothing falls out of your jacket… even if you’re hanging upside down from something.

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