Apple trademarks ‘iPod Boombox’ and iPod Hi-Fi’


Apparently Apple has found a new way to advertise coming products. Last week we heard that they had trademarked ‘Mobile Me’. It turns out that that wasn’t the only name Steve Jobs grabbed on his last trip to the trademark office. The company has also laid claim to ‘iPod Hi-Fi’ and ‘iPod Boombox’. They were vague as to the intended uses of the names.

This move will, as I am sure was the intention, lead to widespread speculation. The iPod Boombox is likely an indicator that the line of Apple home electronic products that we thought we might see at MacWorld is moving closer to fruition. As for the Hi-Fi, some people are sure that it means that a new iPod with a bigger screen is on the way. Others would argue that this is just another way to market the already existing iPod with video. You can decide which theory makes you happier, or you can come up with your own.

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