TuneBuckle provides unique way to carry your iPod Nano


image_42672_largeimagefile TuneBuckle provides unique way to carry your iPod NanoIt’s not just about listening to tunes on your iPod. It’s about looking good while you do it. That’s where TuneBuckle comes in. The first product from the company is a belt. Not just any belt, mind you, but one with a buckle that doubles as a holder for your iPod Nano. The Nano mounts horizontally across the buckle facing out, allowing you to access the controls without having to take your pants off. There is an access hole for the headphone port. I just hope people notice that the wire goes from the earphones to the Nano, not to something below the belt.

You can get a belt in black or white and in sizes ranging from 30 all the way up to 46. You can order one for yourself now for a mere $50. Get one if you want, but I guarantee you won’t look as good wearing it as the model does in the picture.

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