SyChip releases plug-and-play VoIP solution for phones and PDAs


SyChip, a Texas based manufacturer of wireless mobile components, is making it easier for other manufacturers to include VoIP capabilities in their Windows Mobile-based mobile phones. They have announced the release of the VWLAN7100 wVoIP module at CES today. The module, the first in the SyVoice family of products, allows talk times of up to 8 hours and stand-by time of more than 100 hours.

The module is a plug-and-play, complete end-to-end VoIP solution. It includes both a VoIP processor and an 802.11g WLAN modem. It includes all of the software, hardware and drivers manufacturers will need to add VoIP to a phone or PDA. The VoIP engine uses just 15mA of power during a VoIP call and the whole solution, including the modem, uses just 150mA. It was clearly designed to meet low pwer requirements of manufacturers.

The entire solution will be priced at less than $19 on volumes over 100,000, so manufacturers can cheaply integrate VoIP. That’s good news for consumers. It is ready for testing for manufacturers now.

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