Mobile emailing to result in windfall for mobile operators


For mobile operators, the coming years pose a positive tiding as a new revenue stream for them is expected to swell in a staggering fashion. According to a report by Research and Markets, mobile emailing is well on its way to become a fertile source of revenue for mobile operators over the next four years. They have issued a projection of nearly $600 million revenue to mobile service providers through e-mail and PIM services by 2009.

The report earmarks mobile emailing as the next big thing in the evolution of mobile communications, which may bring windfall for mobile operators. The assumption is primarily based on the fact that presently there are around 650 million corporate email inboxes worldwide and out of this sizeable chunk, nearly 35-40% of them could be mobilized in the next three-four years. In more concrete terms, the report says that the figure of enterprise mobile emailing could well shoot up to 260 million subscribers thus giving mobile operators a reason to laugh all their way to the bank. The report, however, predicts a lesser revenue growth for mobile email infrastructure providers’ vis-à-vis mobile operators.

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