SelectRadio Brings XM Satellite and Internet Radio to Handhelds


People like satellite and internet radio because of variety, selection and convenience. SelectRadio tries to improve the experience by bringing all of the above to handheld devices using Microsoft Windows 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0. Features like “TrackSnap” shows the firm has done their homework.

The latter lets users capture a song from any place in its playing. In addition, SelectRadio helps you create lists of artists you like or those you want to skip. You can connect to thousands of internet radio stations, including Shoutcast, either through USB or wireless Ethernet. XM Radio is available by subscription.

SelectRadio seems to be saying that a handheld can be fun as well as functional. The software comes out in February 2006, but a beta version is available now ( They’re also sponsoring a contest to win extra stuff called “Rock Your Handheld.”

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