Samsung to demonstrate WiBro at CES on first mobile WiMax phone

Samsung will be showing off WiBro at CES this week. The Korean wireless broadband standard, which allows transmission while you are moving at speeds up to 120km, will be demonstrated using the Samsung M8000, one of the world’s first mobile WiMax phones. The first commercial WiBro service will be available in Korea in the first half of 2006.

Mobile WiMAX, on which WiBro is based, is praised by Koreans as a solution for home, office and the vehicle. It can offer service to rural areas not serviced by current solutions.

Samsung will be demonstrating the technology, network infrastructure and devices that they will be rolling out in Korea this year at CES. The immediate interest of this to North American consumers is little more than to satisfy curiosity. It becomes more interesting when you consider that Samsung has ambitions to eventually roll out the technology across the U.S. as their entry in the highly competitive wireless segment.

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