Hynix and M-Systems’ Announce Jointly Produced DOC H3 Embedded Flash Drive

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and M-Systems announced plans today to introduce a self-contained embedded flash drive (EFD) in a DiskOnChip (DOC) architecture. M-Systems’ TrueFFS flash management software will run internally as firmware. This integration minimizes complexity and simplifies end-product design cycles for mobile handset and consumer electronics device manufacturers. The EFD virtually becomes ‘plug-and-play’.

This is the first production out of the recently established partnership between Hynix and M-Systems. Hynix expects their work with M-Systems will provide many more similar products in the future.

Jonas Hasselberg, group product manager, Mobile & Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft Corp. said that the architecture holds much promise for designers of Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded consumer electronics and mobile devices.

Engineering samples of DOC H3 will be available in the first quarter of 2006, with availability for mass production planned for the second quarter.

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