Lexar Adds Innovative Storage Capacity Meter With Electronic Paper Display From E Ink


Here’s something cool coming from E-Ink and Lexar. Today, at 2006 CES convention Lexar announced plans to release new storage capacity meter to its flash drives by adding a paper display from E-Ink corp. Available for viewing at the CES convention in Las Vegas this year, the Lexar JumpDrive Mercury will be the first USB flash drive to allow consumers to easily view the availability on their flash cards.

For those of you who don’t know E-Ink are the makers of Electronic Paper, or E-paper. They make displays that are on “Paper” thin plastic. When an electrical charge is supplied to the E-paper the particles will move from side to side creating an image.

This makes it possible for Lexar to give their new flash card a readable display without sacrificing light or the size of their flash card. Not only that, but the display will be a fully contained solution that automatically discovers the available capacity and updates the display without involving any host software.

“Innovation continues to be the dominant focus for Lexar’s popular line of USB flash drives, which helps us offer customers cool features based on revolutionary technologies like the On Display solution from E-Ink,” said Steffen Hellmold, Vice President and General Manager USB flash drive and OEM products business unit, Lexar. “JumpDrive Mercury will be the first product in Lexar’s line that demonstrates the results of our partnership with E-Ink.”

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