Finally an easier way to play your movies on your portable media players


Video Studio 9, the number 1 selling consumer video editing software in Japan, has now released an update that is going to make converting your movies to Mpeg4 a lot easier for us “not so technically gifted,” with the iPod power pack.

“Watching video on mobile devices is an important step in the convergence of IT and consumer electronics,” said Eldon Liu, president of Ulead. “Whether users want to create or convert content for the iPod and other mobile devices, Ulead is uniquely positioned with a wide range of consumer-to-professional tools to do the job.”

Not only are you going to be able to watch movies on your iPod in Full or wide screen, the Mpeg4 update can also be customized for your other portable media devices. That’s right, it’ll finally be easier to watch movies on your PSP.

The plug-in is available as a free download as long as you already are a registered user of the Video Studio 9 software from their website(

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