KDDI and Qualcomm team up for mobile TV


The mobile TV market in Japan is really heating up. Everyone is looking for a dance partner so that they don’t get left behind. This time its KDDI and Qualcomm who have created a joint venture to create a mobile television service in Japan. KDDI is the second largest telecommunications firm in the country behind NTT DoCoMo. It was only Wednesday that DoCoMo announced their purchase of a 2.6 percent stake of Fuji Television Network with the intention of launching their own mobile television service.

The joint venture between the two companies will be established on December 27. KDDI will own 80 percent of the new venture. The remainder will be owned by the Japanese unit of American wireless company Qualcomm. Beyond that, there is no word yet on when the joint venture will launch their new service or what the service will look like or cost. I can only assume that this won’t be the last joint venture we hear about in this market.

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