Indestructible Monolith of a MP3 player


image_43420_largeimagefile Indestructible Monolith of a MP3 playerThe dog can use it as a chew toy, the wife can run it over with the Jeep, and you’ll still be able to dust it off to listen to your favourite Hillary Duff ditty. Enter the eStarLabs’ Monolith Premium MX7000 portable audio player. This MP3 player is quite the looker with black and polished aluminium on its fused case and slider top. The whole indestructible thing might be just a bit of marketing hype, so it might take some independent testing (like the New York Times running over the Porsche-inspired cell phone with a Boxster) to assure some consumers.

The MX7000 comes with most of the usual bells and whistles, like an OLED display (in an effort to conserve battery life), MP3/WMA/OGG support, and FM radio. One of the biggest downsides, however, is that it only comes with 512MB of flash memory and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of expansion slot in sight. It’s not the cheapest player either at $150, but eStarLabs definitely has one tough cookie here with the Monolith.

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