Study shows mobile TV beats reading the newspaper


image_43510_largeimagefile Study shows mobile TV beats reading the newspaperA recent report published by the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) is saying that people (presumably the study was conducted in Korea) would spend more time watching mobile TV than reading the newspaper. These results of “Consumer Behavior 2005” are in line with trends from the last decade or so, moving from paper-based products to electronic versions (i.e., email beating out snail mail, or the recent news of student IDs being stored on mobile phones).

According to the study, people still watch regular TV more (82 minutes a day), but mobile TV (61 minutes) is said to take up a full 50% more time of the average Korean consumer’s life than reading the newspaper (42 minutes). The most popular mobile TV (DMB) content is news (19.2%), with movies (14.5%) and music (14.4%) not that far behind. 45% of DMB users are in their 20s. What’s more, the study suggests that people are more willing to endure advertisements through DMB (77.7%) than regular TV (74.2%) and radio (68.8%).

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