First PC-to-Mobile MMS service launched by 3


Being able to send SMS messages from a PC to a mobile phone is nothing new, but now people can start making use of a new eMMS service, allowing them to send emails and multimedia messages between PCs and cellular phones. General Wireless, the original creator of SMS and MMS technology, has teamed up with 3, the leading 3G mobile provider in Scandinavia, for this new service.

3 has a proven track record of innovating the industry, linking communication between PCs and mobile phones, and now with their new 3PC Message service, they are continuing that tradition. It seems like to make use of this service, you have to be a Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express user, or if you’re not, then the company is saying that it is offered a free standalone Windows software program, which can be downloaded from their website. If you’re a web-based emailer and you primarily use a Mac, you just might be out of luck for the time being.

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