The $100 laptop now has a maker


image_43762_largeimagefile The $100 laptop now has a makerThe $100 laptop has a manufacturer. Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese company has been chosen as the original design manufacturer. The board of directors of One Laptop per Child, the group overseeing the $100 laptop project made the choice after receiving several bids. The company will attempt to deliver the first computers in the fourth quarter of next year. Initially they will manufacture from 5-15 million units with initial distribution happening in Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Nigeria and Thailand. Quanta will also work to develop a commercial model of the laptop.

A background refresher for you. Nicholas Negroponte of MIT has spearheaded this project with the support of the UN and several major technology companies. The goal is to develop a computer which is simple, durable and inexpensive. The machines will be sold to the governments of developing countries for their children. The computers are powered by a hand crank, are Linux-based and come preloaded with all the needed software. Mesh networks will provide an internet connection.

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