Pupillo keeps an eye on the kids


image_43962_largeimagefile Pupillo keeps an eye on the kidsNo, that’s not the latest glossy-white iTrash, nor is it the latest garbage can from the good people at Ikea. This is Pupillo, a surveillance camera designed to communicate directly with your 3G mobile phone. Three Telecom of the United Kingdom is now offering this battery powered “spy-cam” to its customers, allowing users to keep an eye on little mischievous Billy while they’re away from the home. Basically, Pupillo acts like a cell phone, complete with its own phone number. You call it with your 3G handset, enter in your PIN, and start viewing like a video call.

It’s not exactly the most discrete looking thing, and some people have commented that the next incarnation should come dressed-up as “R2-D2 or something.” That said, you can even check on the kids, the cat and the dog in the middle of the night—Pupillo comes with night vision. We probably won’t be seeing this any time soon in North America, but if you’re over in the UK, you can pick one up for £150, or about 261 greenbacks.

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