Who needs MP3 when you have Capsule FM

Who needs MP3 when you have Capsule FM


image_44023_largeimagefile Who needs MP3 when you have Capsule FMSo maybe you can’t live without your 60GB iPod and your days and days’ worth of audio files, but that shouldn’t necessarily deter you from considering this nifty little FM radio. Okay, maybe it would, but that’s beside the point. David Turpin is known for his creative designs, and the Capsule FM Radio is one of his latest creations. It looks like a polycarbonate capsule—clear with silver accents, a diameter of about 2.5 inches and a closed length of 5 inches—but it’ll tune in to your favourite local FM radio station. Slide the two halves (each of which contains a speaker) of this chill pill to reveal the tuner, volume control and soft wire antenna.

The Capsule FM Radio is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) and can be purchased online from the

Safety Note: No matter how cool it would be to have FM radio broadcasting from your belly, do not attempt to swallow; it measures about 6.25-inches in length when open, and 5 x 2.5-inches in diameter when closed.

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