IOCELL combines flash drive with VoIP


image_44024_largeimagefile IOCELL combines flash drive with VoIPSome may even call flash drives necessities these days, carrying around fairly substantial amounts of data in such tiny packages. Well, South Korea’s IOCELL has revealed their new PhoneDrive, combining a flash drive with a VoIP headset. The company has announced that the new gadget will be made available to the Korean market, as well as overseas.

Incorporating IOCELL’s unique C2 “open” standard platform, the PhoneDrive unfortunately will only work with IOCELL’s propriety VoIP software, which comes packaged in when you pick up a PhoneDrive unit. If you do make use of the VoIP capabilities (which of course you would, otherwise you’d be picking up any other USB flash drive, maybe even one with MP3 playback capability), you don’t have a choice but to have your call routed through IOCELL’s gateways. As a result, you are forced to keep funneling money to the South Korean company through unspecified user fees, which IOCELL is saying will be “moderately low.” This is but another step for a company that hopes to further the penetration of its C2 platform, aiming for a 30% market share by 2008.

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