Solid Alliance releases meh-worthy USB memory stick


image_44129_largeimagefile Solid Alliance releases meh-worthy USB memory stickYou’d expect better from a company that creatively designed USB memory sticks that were shaped like sushi, tempura pieces, miniature helmets, thumbs and sake bottles. Unfortunately, Solid Alliance’s latest product is a generic-looking (some say ugly) USB flash drive, and worse yet, it doesn’t even have MP3 playback capability. What the Eleve LI 1000 does have is a monochromatic dot-matrix LCD screen that shows you much free space is left, or the date and time, or you can make use of the “custom” mode to place your individualized text on the screen. It looks like it is compatible with Windows Me, 2000, and XP.

From what I can gather from the Japanese company’s official website, they are currently only offering a 512 MB version, and it retails for 12,800 yen (~$105USD). Excuse me if my Babelnese is a little rusty, but the site also seems to say that 1 GB and 2 GB versions should also become available around mid-December.

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