Missouri to help you avoid heavy traffic using your cell phone


Apparently Big Brother lives in Missouri. National Engineering Technology Corporation will be working with the state after signing a contract for big bucks. NET has developed technology which tracks the signals from phones in cars to track traffic problems. By tracking how long it takes a car to pass between cell towers and plotting the information on an electronic map, they can identify problems and, eventually, have electronic signs in place to notify drivers of problems.

NET will remove any personal data from the information they collect, but they have the right to sell this information. The system works by collecting signals from the devices even when not in use, but with the power on. Needless to say, advocates for privacy rights aren’t thrilled with the idea, saying that the potential for abuse is huge. Even without any identifying information, though, the data would be very valuable. It would track traffic to help set commercial real estate prices and advertising prices. As long as they use the info for those purposes and to keep me out of traffic, I am all for it.

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