Veoh offers 3,000 free videos for your iPod

Veoh offers 3,000 free videos for your iPod


If there is one thing I like, it’s free stuff. I am happy to hear that Veoh Networks is giving away more than 3,00 videos that you can download to your video iPod. Veoh calls itself the first Internet Peercasting Network. Content producers, whether they are individuals or film studios, can create full-screen video without the expense and challenges of creating TV content. Anyone with a dream and a computer can be a TV guru, in other words.

There is more than enough content to fill up your iPod available. There are full-length movies, cartoons like Popeye and Superman and even the Three Stooges. The content is mostly public domain content, so it is far from new. There are also more than 10,000 user-produced videos on the site, covering what I would guess would be a ridiculous range of subjects. It is unclear how many of those are available for download to your iPod.

Veoh is a new start-up and presumably this is a way to build traffic and get people hooked on their services. They will apparently make the video available to devices using other formats later on.

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