Trolltech releases first Linux-based VoIP for mobile phones

Trolltech releases first Linux-based VoIP for mobile phones


image_44576_largeimagefile Trolltech releases first Linux-based VoIP for mobile phonesThe first Linux-based VoIP framework for handheld devices has been launched. Trolltech (great name for a company, by the way – sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings) has launched Qtopia Phone Edition 2.2, a turnkey application platform that also includes performance enhancements and new user interfaces, multimedia and internationalization and language functionality.

Qtopia phone is the only independent, open software solution for Linux-based devices. More than 30 vendors are in various stages of manufacturing and selling mobile phones using Qtopia, including Motorola.

“Mobile IP telephony opens a new world of services that combine voice and data, and with Qtopia Phone, vendors can now easily build VoIP functionality into Linux-based devices,” said Haavard Nord, Trolltech CEO. “Qtopia has been on the front lines of the mobile Linux industry since its beginning, and this latest version demonstrates our continued commitment to meet customer demand and enable the integration of cutting-edge features into Qtopia/Linux devices.”

In addition to VoIP capability, the latest version of Qtopia also includes support for dual displays, animated graphical interface and application transparency. It has additional SMS and e-mail functionality, improved media player performance and live MP3 streaming.

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