Cingular and Orange team up to combine global services

Cingular and Orange team up to combine global services


Cingular today announced that they would be partnering with Orange SA in the EU under Cingular’s WorldView program.

Basically what it boils down to is international roaming which we’re all familiar with, but with extras. Now both Cingular and Orange customers can use Cingular’s WorldView Wireless Information Navigator portal to access and manage all their wireless expenditures.

Another benefit to Cingular customers comes by way of being able to apply their wireless usage on the Orange network to their minimum usage commitment under the flagship business offer that Cingular has available, the Cingular Corporate Digital Advantage (CCDA). This allows the customers to qualify for volume discounts which are often one of the most important factors when it comes to wireless programs for large corporations.

Cingular also mentioned that although they already have other alliances in the WorldView program, this new partnership with Orange SA will be the largest and the most beneficial to multinational companies due to the sheer size of the combined mobile networks.

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