Samsung Introduces the SPH-V6800 Multi-Media Wi-Fi Slider


image_44649_largeimagefile Samsung Introduces the SPH-V6800 Multi-Media Wi-Fi SliderNew from Samsung Korea, the SPH-V6800 Multi-Media Wi-Fi enabled handset. Form, function and so far, only available in Korea.

According to an early Korean release, the CDMA2000 slider will feature a slim 240×320 262K 2.0” TFT LCD QVGA screen, which according to early press shots looks pretty crisp. The V6800 also features a 1.3MP digital camera, MPEG4 video recording, voice-recognition, MP3/AAC audio playback capabilities, video-on-demand, TV-output, EV-DO, plus a built in Wi-Fi wireless 802.11b LAN.

Aesthetically, the 120g V6800 isn’t exactly a stand out, but it houses all that functionality in a compact and sexy 96.8 x 47 x 24.5mm handset.

Early pricing starts at about $477 USD and at this point is only available from Korean “Have a Good Time!” mobile communications provider KTF.

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