Thump knockoff from Korea: JoyGlass MP300

Oakley’s Thump shades are not exactly the sexiest looking wearable MP3 glasses to be seen with, but that didn’t stop Seek Sports out of Seoul to make their own. The JoyGlass MP300 is exactly that, a 50g pair of shades with polarized lenses, and here’s why they have one up on Oakley, their one-touch mode of operation will pump sweet sounding tunes into the German made Sennheiser headphones attached to the arms of the shades.

USB is supported on Mac, Linux and of course Windows. There is no need for software to add tracks, just drag and drop. Battery life lasts 15 hours after only 2hours of charging. Prices are as follows: $210, $250 and $300 for the 256MB, 512MB and 1GB respectively.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Where can I buy joyglass charger

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