Yes! A PMP by Yes…sort of

Yes! A PMP by Yes…sort of


image_44829_largeimagefile Yes! A PMP by Yes...sort ofThe ever-popular Portable Media Player (PMP) market has found yet another addition, this time from Yes (no, not the rock band). The Yes PMP-9 comes loaded with a 20 GB hard drive – reportedly enough for up to 85 hours of video or 9000 songs – and for extra storage, a Compact Flash (CF) card slot.

The large 3.6” TFT LCD backlit screen, at an unspecified resolution, lets you play back the usual MPEG4 videos as well as straight up MPEG2 DVD files, and reportedly even 720p and 1080i HDTV files. Like every other PMP out there, it comes as no surprise that the Yes PMP-9 also supports picture viewing (JPGs) and audio playback (MP3s, WMAs, and even OGGs). Other than that, expect voice recording capability, USB 2.0 connectivity, and a removable lithium ion battery.

Built-in speakers are optional, so unless you’re willing to splurge the extra dough, bring some decent headphones along for the ride. The Yes product page does not list any prices as of yet, but it does say that you can find the PMP-9 in silver, blue, or black.

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