Gamers go krazy for Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi

Gamers go krazy for Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi


image_44840_largeimagefile Gamers go krazy for Mario Kart DS Wi-FiAddicted gamers across the U.S. can’t stop playing Nintendo Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi racing, in spite of early connectivity problems. 45% of people who bought the title have already tried-out the company’s free wireless gaming service and are apparently having a blast.

On Nov. 14, Mario Kart DS became the first title to use the new Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and within a few days, 52,000 of the 112,000 U.S. gamers who purchased the title connected online. This is a new industry record, according to Nintendo.

The early success has been attributed to connection simplicity; users simply click and play – by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to play online.

Simplicity aside, the service did experience some roadblocks in the beginning. On the company’s Wi-Fi website, Nintendo described service status issues as “Global Wi-Fi Service is experiencing intermittent problems.” The company later blamed these problems on interference from appliances like microwaves and instructed to simply turn them off while playing online.

In any case, Mario Kart DS racing is a proven hit and despite some earlier problems, Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection is only going to get stronger with more exciting titles on the way, like Animal Crossing: Wild World on Dec. 5 and Metroid Prime Hunters on March 20.

Mario Kart DS racing can be purchased from most games retailers for around $34.99.

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