Imation Readies HD DVD and Blu-ray Optical Media Formats


image_44882_largeimagefile Imation Readies HD DVD and Blu-ray Optical Media FormatsWith the increasing expansion of HDTV and high-def recording devices, Imation is set to launch next-generation HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical recordable media, both featuring the company’s patented ForceField ultra-durable, scratch-resistant hard coating.

HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical formats will provide enough capacity required to accommodate the enormous amounts of data created by the HD format. While incompatible with each other, both formats will allow you to record ‘crystal-clear’ images and large amounts of computer data. Currently, the Minnesota-based Imation is busy at work testing both single-layer and double-layer advanced optical formats.

And according to Richard Weiss, vice president of research and development at Imation, no one does it better:

“The exact standards and expertise needed to develop Blu-ray and HD-DVD require focus and experience that few companies possess…we are in a solid position to deliver future formats when and where our customers want them.”

Throughout 2006, Imation plans to launch the BD-RE (rewritable) and BDR (recordable) 25GB single layer and 50GB double layer Blu-ray formats. Also in 2006, Imation plans to launch the HD-DVD-R (recordable) and HD-DVD-ReR (Re-recordable) 15GB single layer and 30GB double layer HD-DVD formats.

Specific dates of availability and pricing will be announced in early 2006.

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