Heat-sensitive keypad on Motorola A732 slider

Heat-sensitive keypad on Motorola A732 slider


image_44881_largeimagefile Heat-sensitive keypad on Motorola A732 sliderChinese blogging sites have unearthed details surrounding the Motorola A732, a slider phone whose keypad may look ordinary, but is touch and heat sensitive, allowing you to essentially scribble directly on the screen. Current incarnations seem to recognize both Chinese and English characters, though a North American version probably won’t do Chinese.

But wait, there’s more. The shopping helper feature lets you take a picture of a product you find in a store, note the price and which shop you found it at, and files away that information for later reference when you find a similar product elsewhere. Not exactly revolutionary, but the shopping helper is definitely helpful, especially during these Christmas shopping months.

Other than these two innovative features, you’ll find plenty of other goodies that’ll whet your whistle. How about a 3MP digital camera and a 65,000 colour display? Also expect built-in MP3 playback and 64-chord polyphonic ringtones, a T-flash expansion slot, and Bluetooth connectivity. A digital assistant provides the usual calendar, voice recording, and voice commands. The sleek Motorola A732 slider phone is available in silver and black.

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