Telus offers $300 mobile phone rate plan


In an age where mobile phone service providers are always battling for market share, it comes as no surprise that many customers are drawn to the lowest-priced plan that offers the most minutes and the most extras. Telus Mobility has opted for a slightly different philosophy for one particular niche—mobile long distance users. Throughout Canada, Telus Mobility is offering a plan that includes up to 1600 minutes of long distance, allowing subscribers to talk to anyone they want in Canada or the US for hours on end.

The catch to the “Talk North America 300” plan, is well, it costs $300/month, and that’s before you factor in a $6.95 system access fee, a $0.50 911 service fee, $5.00 if you would like caller ID, and lets not forget the 15% in taxes. All said and done, you’re looking at over $350 CDN each month to “take advantage” of this “deal.” Other features of the plan include basic voicemail, call waiting, conference calling, and access to their “Surf Sampler” wireless web service (411 look ups, games, news, weather, personal banking, etc.).

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