Transcend releases super fast 1GB miniSD card


image_44991_largeimagefile Transcend releases super fast 1GB miniSD cardTranscend has released what is, for a brief time I am sure, the highest performance 1GB miniSD card in the world. It’s called the 80X Ultra Performance and is designed, as you would expect, for mobile devices. It has data transfer speeds of up to 12MB/sec, 70% faster than a normal miniSD card.

The 80X also does a handy trick. If you slip it into the included adapter it will lose the mini and work perfectly as a standard SD card. That broadens the uses for the card dramatically.

If you like how the card sounds, but don’t want a whole gigabyte, you can get it in a 512MB size as well. These cards have just been announced, so there is no word yet on price or availability.

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