Zippered up boombox with the iFusion

Zippered up boombox with the iFusion


image_45092_largeimagefile Zippered up boombox with the iFusionThere is no stopping the flow of iPod accessories these days, and one of the more popular innovations is the advent of portable speakers to accompany your favourite glossy white portable audio player. Well, even though Sonic Impact may be better known for high quality amps at bargain basement prices, they aren’t shy about jumping on the bandwagon and making some iPod accessories of their own.

The i-Fusion Portable Speaker system is fully compatible with all generations of iPods, including the nano, and gives off some real decent sound quality despite its small size. And unlike many other speakers built with iPod docks, the i-Fusion is actually portable—it comes in a zippered case and includes a lithium ion battery for up to 15 hours of play. It even includes a little pouch to house your iPod when you’re not using it. In effect, you have yourself a super-portable iPod boombox, with great quality sound, to bring with you to the beach, tailgate parties, or wherever life’s roads may take you.

The i-Fusion can be had for $150 directly from Sonic Impact’s website.

i-Fusion Features

* Built in iPod Docking Station Connector for playing, downloading and recharging.
* Recharges iPod while docked.
* Port for downloading iPod while docked.
* Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. AC adapter included.
* Storage compartment for iPod and for earbuds when not in use.
* Advanced digital amplifier and neodymium speaker drivers.
* Patented MaxxBass psycho-acoustic technology and ported speakers to enhance the bass response.
* Auto standby mode to save battery and battery charge display.
* Durable hard cover case to store and protect you’re built in speakers and your iPod.

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