Samsung’s YP-C1 series is finally here

Samsung’s YP-C1 series is finally here


image_45053_largeimagefile Samsung's YP-C1 series is finally hereIt’s been 8 months since they’ve announced it, but Samsung has finally released their YP-C1 MP3 players in the US market. It comes with everything you’d expect from a flash-based MP3 player these days, like MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG support, but not much else. Sure, it has an FM tuner and a microphone for voice recording, but what player doesn’t these days? There is no colour display—just a 4-line LED display—and it’s powered by a bulky AA dry cell battery.

By deciding to go with the AA, instead of an internal lithium ion, Samsung makes life a little easier for travelers who don’t necessarily always have access to a power outlet, and 42 hours of life isn’t too shabby. However, they already released the more powerful YP-U1 series, so these YP-C1s might be a hard sell.

The 512MB YP-C1XB can be had for as low as $120 USD. Whether the 1GB YP-C1ZB will ever find its way to retailers is still up in the air.

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