Nintendo Revolution to add parental controls

Nintendo Revolution to add parental controls


image_45084_largeimagefile Nintendo Revolution to add parental controlsWhen the Nintendo Revolution hits stores next year it will feature a password feature to allow parents to control access for their children. This way, a parent can limit the games their children are able to play based on their ratings, while still being able to play the most risqué of games themselves. Its basically a V-chip for your Nintendo.

The game software will contain a code indicating the rating. That code will trigger the appropriate password protection as set by the parent.

‘Even though many Nintendo games are rated E, E10+ or T, we believe this kind of feature should be included in the hardware. It’s the right thing to do,’ explains Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. ‘Game ratings are on the front and back of every game package, so families can easily make a decision about whether a game is right for them.’

Revolution will be released some time next year. A crack for the password feature will be available online soon after.

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