Iqua’s Smart Badge Blueooth headset and ID

Iqua’s Smart Badge Blueooth headset and ID


image_45127_largeimagefile Iqua's Smart Badge Blueooth headset and IDI won’t say that Iqua’s new Smart Badge is going to dramatically change your nine-to-five, but it can’t hurt it. Most corporate employees need their ID badges to get past security in the morning, just as most carry around their cell phones to keep in touch with the rest of world. Iqua has combined these two necessities and has integrated a Bluetooth headset into the lanyard holding your ID card.

With support for 3-way conference calls, VOIP, vibration alerts, and compatibility with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, the Smart Badge isn’t exactly innovative, but it certainly is interesting. Included in the package are a lithium-polymer battery, wall charger, mini USB cable, carrying case, user guide, quick guide, and, of course, the Smart Badge itself. The battery provides plenty of juice (40 hours of talk-time, 600 hours standby), and those fancy multi-colored LEDs make quite the fashion statement. And don’t forget about the Send/End buttons included on the unit as well, so there is no need to whip out the phone to answer calls, voice dial, or end active calls. So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that ugly company-provided string and step up to a Smart Badge.

Other specifications:
Size: 100 x 70 x 12.5 mm
Weight: 45g
Charging time: Less than 5 hours
Bluetooth Compliance: Bluetooth 1.2 specification
Supported Bluetooth Profiles: Handsfree 1.0 and Headset 1.1
Operating range: Up to 10 meters
Number of users: Supports up to 8, but only one active connection at a time

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