Cisco adds WLAN features to its wired networking systems


    image_45166_largeimagefile Cisco adds WLAN features to its wired networking systemsIn a significant advancement move of its networking systems, global giant Cisco has added WLAN features to their networking solutions. Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network laden, with the new features has been introduced and it promises to offer a centralized architecture for installation of WLANs. The upgraded system is slated to be very beneficial for corporate enterprises.

    Cisco seems to be a bit late in the game by bringing out WLAN featured networking solutions, Symbol had introduced the first device to the market, the WS 2000 Wireless Switch, way back in November 2004. But the company seems to have worked on concrete strategic plans for the upgraded networking system since they have acquired AirSpace, a company known for their expertise in centralized management architecture, about eight months ago.

    Cisco is maintaining that the introduction of Unified Wireless Network has been a timely move as the usage of WLANs on an extensive scale in picking up momentum. According to Ben Gibson, Director (Marketing), Cisco, “To secure an entire enterprise, offer guest access, and voice over WLAN, you need pervasive coverage versus selective coverage.”

    Going all hog on its latest move, Cisco has integrated the WLAN control module with both the Catalyst 6500 enterprise router, which has the capability to control up to 1500 APs, and the 2800 and 3800 branch office routers, with maximum control of six access points. Cisco has also developed Aironet 1500 Series wireless access points, each possessing two radios. The Wi-Fi radio handles access and the second radio will be dedicated to wireless interconnectivity, meshing across wireless and wired access points.

    The company has already begun the shipment of Aironet 1500 and the other WLAN control modules for the Catalyst 6500 and the branch office series, 2800 and 3800, will be commercially available from December.

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