The Photobank Jukebox: Nice, but no color screen


image_45208_largeimagefile The Photobank Jukebox: Nice, but no color screenSometimes you see a new product that would have been impressive a year or two ago, but seems underwhelming now. This may be one of those products. The MamboX Media X 5-in-1 Photobank Jukebox is a 20 GB portable storage device. It comes with all you would expect – MP3 and WMA capabilities, MP3 recorder through internal mic or line-in, digital voice recorder, SD/MMC slot for memory movement and USB 2.0. With its size you can store pretty much whatever you want to store. The firmware is reprogrammable so that it will likely be able to accommodate formats that aren’t even thought of yet. Good stuff.

The question is this: If it costs $349 and calls itself a photo bank, why doesn’t it have a color screen for us to see the pictures? Surely that isn’t asking a lot these days, since everything else seems to have one.

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