iBuzz vibrates to the beat of your iPod


image_45249_largeimagefile iBuzz vibrates to the beat of your iPodDo you have aching muscles? A sore neck? Let’s pretend that’s what this item is for. The iBuzz is a, well, unique attachment for your iPod. The louder you play your music, the faster the bullet-shaped silver device vibrates. It even comes with a couple of different studded attachments so that you can really get down to it and loosen up those muscles. I’m sure some people will feel less tense and more positive about life after this therapeutic marvel hums its tune. In fact, Ali Carnegie, a British merchant who sells the product, says the iBuzz is perfect for giving users “big smiles on their way to work”.

Needless to say, this isn’t an official Apple product. It can be had in the UK for £25. Just writing about it is making me blush.

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