Get a new phone every four months with Voce

image_45250_largeimagefile Get a new phone every four months with VoceFaith Inc. of Japan is marketing a new cellular phone service for people with too much money on their hands. For a $1500 signup fee and a $500 monthly bill, you can be one of the elite with Voce, a super luxury MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator: a company that provides mobile phone telecoms without owning its own network, essentially buying capacity in bulk and reselling it at retail at a much higher price).

Unlimited calling and data are packaged in, but perhaps most interestingly, you get a chic new phone every four months. Word on the street is that Voce will initially be offered over Cingular’s network in New York and Los Angeles, but plans for expansion to include T-Mobile and Sprint networks are supposedly in the works.

Michael Kwan

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