EA Need for Speed Most Wanted game to hit stores soon

Electronic Arts (EA) has just announced that its virtual car racing game Need for Speed Most Wanted has shipped to retail stores nationwide and will be available starting November 17. The popular racing game revolves around challenging players to be the most notorious street racer by racing against the leading racers on the Blacklist. Of course, hot police pursuits in the city of Rockport also top the new Need for Speed. It will be available for the PlayStation 2 entertainment system, Xbox 360, Xbox videogame system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PSP, PlayStation Portable system, and your average PC.

Need for Speed Most Wanted enables gamers to select from over 36 hot cars (BMW M3, Porsche Cayman S, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford Mustang GT to name a few) so that your street racing experience is conducted in style.

The year 2005 coincides with the Need for Speed franchise. As such, EA has also shipped a collector’s edition entitled Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition. The game showcases exclusive cars and races as well as a bonus DVD featuring concept art, exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes footage of actress, model and star of the game, Josie Maran. It is available for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox and PC.

Need for Speed Most Wanted can be yours for US $49.99, with the Xbox 360 edition available for US $59.99

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